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Girl Striding Forward

“Becoming more self-aware through vocational arts and life skills has set on my leadership journey and I believe that I will make a positive impact in my community especially among my fellow girls and youth.” Angella

Angella holding her Angie bag made out of thread.

Our month spotlight is on 20 year old Angella young energetic leader of the Girls’ Creative Hands group in her community, Erisa zone. Angella also stood for the post of vice chairperson of her school faculty at Makerere University Kampala and she won. She was also elected as deputy gender officer. She attributes her confidence to the life skills trainings she got from SARI life skills programs.

Like many of her fellows, Angella was negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic as she had to pause her studies yet her personal financial, emotional and physical needs were growing. The extended lock-downs, limited movements and interaction with her peers left her lonely and anxious; she badly needed a safe space where she could share her thoughts with her friends.

Angella started participating in SARI COVID-19 recovery and resilience activities in the community through joining a training where girls and youth were being trained in crafts as well as cloth designing. She also participated in the trainings in life skills, entrepreneurship and leadership. Furthermore the participants were trained in savings mobilization where they formed groups through which they would save. They also planned to have their groups legally registered at the local council offices to ensure their longevity and also be part of other community initiatives. Angella and her team formed the Girls’ Creative Hands which has 14 members. These make different hand crafts such as door mats, bags, money purses, clothes and many other decorative items.

Angella reports that the training that changed her mind-set and improved her the most was the life skills, entrepreneurship and leadership development. The knowledge and skills acquired empowered her to lead the formation the Girls’ Creative Hands. She and her team members are able to sell the products which enables them to meet their basic needs. The Girls’ Creative Hands is also a safe space where Angella and her fellow girls share different issues to improve their lives and community.

She is a girl striding forward!

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