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Arts ,Design and Entrepreneurship 


“Your hands are Your resource.” Joanita Nabagesera, Art and Design Tutor


This program aims at equipping young people with knowledge and skills in Arts, Design and Entrepreneurship for incomes and rights accessibility. Participants especially girls and young women trained in creative arts such as fashion and design, crafts (bags, shoes, basketry, pottery), graphics and design, hairdressing and cosmetology. SARI also supports participants in financial management, savings mobilization and digital literacy skills. SARI forms creative arts groups through which the participants are trained, mentored, do group savings, access startup kits/capital to set up enterprises, Art exhibitions and marketing as well as share experiences for emotional support and healing. SARI also has an initiative called “Make your Dream Formal” where we support both group and individual participants to formalize their businesses. Through Creative arts groups, young people engage in dialogues with duty bearers and policymakers to advance their economic rights especially for the creative sector. SARI also provides direct financial and psychosocial support to female survivors of violence.

art design
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