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My Write is My Right!

The project is about forming a movement of over 300 girls, civil society and like-minded actors to advance the right to girls' education.

Sanyu Centre for Arts and Rights (SARI) in partnership with the African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF) is implementing the “My Write is My Right” campaign (2022-2023) to advance the right to go back to school for girls who have been forced to drop out of school. The project is building a movement of girls/youth groups, associations and networks that regularly convene and amplify the right to education for girls. The project also looks at improved strategies that advance the rights to education for adolescent mothers at national and community levels and increased public support to promote girls’ right to education. Based in Wakiso district, the project is conducting activities including rights awareness for the girls, forums for theatre, engaging duty bearers, submitting and disseminating a position paper as well as content creation and social media outreaches. The project is leveraging on like-minded networks to continue advancing the right to girl child education, especially for teenage mothers.
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Education is a right for all!
My Write is My Right!

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