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Artivism for gender equality

Using audio theatre to engage girls and young women.

“With audio theatre, it is my voice that matters not my physical ability or disability.”

Theatre has played a key role in social change movements all over the world. Culturally and politically sensitive issues have been amplified by bold activists through drama, poetry, music, music, costumes to mention but a few. Indeed, some pieces have been so thought provoking engaging the entire public. Theatre is relatable because it draws its strength from common experiences and cultural symbolism.

We are empowering young women with knowledge and skills in presentation to use their voice through audio theatre for promoting solutions and positive change. SARI equips young women with knowledge of their human rights and experience sharing in social issues such as mental health, Sexual and Gender Based Violence, SRHR, Socio-economic rights. Audio theatre is also an inclusive tool for girls and young women with disabilities to participate in human rights education and advocacy.

“Audio theatre is a safe space to talk about issues that affect us.” Female participant

Using audio theatre for artivism towards gender equality, we draw upon positive cultural symbols such as language and common experiences to contribute to the desired change.

“Audio theatre is that mega phone that gets everyone’s attention to important and sensitive issues in society.” Sylvia Nalubega

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Sylvia Nalubega
Sylvia Nalubega
Jun 16, 2021

Keep up the good work.

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